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Syrian Refugee toy donation- Turkey

March 2018

Turkey has taken in 4 million Syrian refugees. Turkish Red Crescent leads the aid here. They have many programs put in place to integrate the refugees appropriately into Turkey and its culture. Share OverSeas members were blessed with the opportunity of visiting one of their centers and meeting some of the refugees and donating toys to the children. This center is focused on helping the refugees become self sufficient in the Turkish society by helping them acquire vocational skills (The kind man in the last photo was so proud of the shirt that he tailored by himself!), provide medical care, learn the Turkish language, counseling, and other protection programs.

HOW TO HELP!! Heroic Hearts is a non profit organization based out of Chicago and provides aid to Syrians at the boarder. They are currently in Ghouta helping provide food and critical medical care. If you would like to donate or simply learn more about this organization or the refugee crisis, please visit

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